2012 Elite Series Mystery Lake ??? - , Jun 28 - Jul 1, 2012

One could argue that catching fish — the physical act of hooking, fighting and landing bass — is the reason our sport is so addictive. No doubt that’s a very fun part. Some might say that taking pictures of your catch and sharing on Facebook to make your friends jealous is even more fun. That point is certainly hard to argue against. I believe, though, that figuring out how to catch fish is the real drive within most anglers. After all, how many times have you caught a bass and then switched lures just to see if that, too, would work? Within every angler exists the innate desire to unravel the mystery beneath the water’s surface.Elite Series anglers are going to have to figure out more than just how to catch fish this month … they are going to have to figure out where, exactly, they are fishing. June 28th marks the seventh stop on the Bassmaster Elite Series trail, and the first time in modern professional angling that a “mystery lake” is the playing field.