A different look at the AOY race

On some level, we all know what it takes to win the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year title. The list goes something like this: superior fish-finding and catch management skills; virtuoso versatility with all types of baits and presentation methods; a schedule that suits your primary skill set; and at least a little luck.There are probably close to two dozen anglers in the Bassmaster Elite Series who are capable of winning AOY in any given year. Obviously, names like VanDam, Reese, Iaconelli, Martens and Swindle come to mind when discussing the title, but others who have yet to climb that mountain are also more than capable —Chapman, Evers, Jones and Faircloth come immediately to mind.So, knowing what it takes in terms of talent and knowing the likely candidates for fishing's most prestigious title, what's left to know?