Top 30 Anglers Named for 2020 Summit Cup

TULSA, Okla. – The 30 pros who will be competing in the final Cup event of the season, the 2020 Summit Cup, have been decided. These 30 anglers will be kept in the dark about where they will be fishing until competition day arrives and will be given no time to practice on the body of water. The anglers that will be competing are as follows:

Jacob Wheeler
Fred Roumbanis
Cliff Pace
Cody Meyer
Todd Faircloth
Casey Ashley
Brent Ehrler
Kevin VanDam
Anthony Gagliardi
Takahiro Omori
Scott Suggs
Dustin Connell
Justin Lucas
Randy Howell
Michael Neal
Gerald Spohrer
Wesley Strader
Bobby Lane
Adrian Avena
Mark Daniels, Jr.
Andy Montgomery
Brandon Coulter
Brandon Palaniuk
Andy Morgan
Jordan Lee
Jared Lintner
Russ Lane
Aaron Martens
Alton Jones, Jr.
Edwin Evers