GALLERY: Edwin Wins Inaugural REDCREST

Stage Two winner and Points Champion Edwin Evers can add another title to his inaugural season on the Bass Pro Tour: REDCREST Champion. The Oklahoma pro has had one of the most spectacular seasons in fishing history and finished with a bang, catching 63 bass for 85 pounds, 6 ounces.


Join us at the Onalaska Omni Center in Onalaska, Wisconsin for the ultimate REDCREST experience for MLF fans! Admission is free and open to the public. Check out our schedule of events below.

MLF Midway at REDCREST – August 23-25, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Fans are invited to join us for the MLF Midway at REDCREST featuring Bass Pro Tour sponsors, giveaways and fun for the whole family!

Location: Onalaska Omni Center (255 Riders Club Rd, Onalaska, WI 54650)
Dates: Friday – Sunday, August 23-25
Time: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. CDT
Activities at the MLF Midway

Meet some of your favorite MLF pros
Watch the MLF NOW! live stream
Casting contests and giveaways with Daiwa and Favorite Fishing
Raffle giveaways from Gator Guards, Yo-Zuri and Power-Pole
Enter for your chance to win gift cards from Bass Pro Shops
Check out the latest from Mercury Marine, Evinrude, Phoenix, Bass Cat Boats, and Covercraft
Food trucks and more!
Sponsors at the MLF Midway: Angler Aid, Bad Boy Mowers, Bass Pro Shops, Bass Cat Boats, Covercraft, Daiwa, Econo Lodge, Evinrude, Favorite Fishing, Forty Creek Whisky, Gator Guard, General Tire, HUK, Kubota, Mercury, Nitro, Phoenix Boats, Power-Pole, Pure Fishing, Ranger, St. Croix, Tracker Boats, Tracker Off Road, Triton, T-H Marine, Winn Grips, Onyx, Yakima, Yo-Zuri, MLF Conservation, MLF Merchandise

Postgame Show Presented by Berkley
Join us at the Bass Pro Tour set for the Postgame Show Presented by Berkley. Bring the family and cheer on your favorite anglers!

Location: Onalaska Omni Center (255 Riders Club Rd, Onalaska, WI 54650)
Dates: Thursday, August 22, Saturday, August 24 and Sunday, August, 25
Start time: Approximately 4 p.m. CDT
Directions to the Onalaska Omni Center
From I-90 Westbound: Take the Sand Lake Rd/County Rd S exit from US-53 N; Travel North on US-53 toward Onalaska; Turn right onto Riders Club Rd.
From I-90 Eastbound: Take Exit 3 for US-53 S/WI-35 S toward La Crosse/Onalaska; Travel North on US-53 toward Onalaska; Turn right onto Riders Club Rd.
Looking for an easy stop on the road to REDCREST? Try MLF Hotel Partner, Econo Lodge.

Econo Lodge
1906 Rose Street
La Crosse, WI, 54603, US
Phone: (608) 781-0200

Event Details
How to Watch
Watch REDCREST Presented by Venmo on the MLF NOW! live stream August 21-25 on or the free MLF app.

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REDCREST 2019: Evers Hopes to Stay on Top of Bass Pro Tour

LA CROSSE, Wis. – It’s extremely difficult to win an Angler of the Year title, and no one knows that more than Edwin Evers. The Oklahoma pro had never won the award during his 22-year career, but that was before he took home the first-ever Points Championship on the Bass Pro Tour. Evers outlasted 79 of the top anglers in the world to win the award, something that was not as easy as Evers made it look.

“It takes everything you’ve got all season long every day,” Evers said. “You can work all season and it comes down to just a little bit that makes the difference.”

Down to the Wire
That “little bit” Evers is referring to is the 10-point difference between himself (510 points) and Jeff Sprague (500 points) for the points championship crown. The Race for the Points Championship came down to the fourth day of competition in Stage Eight in Neenah, Wisconsin. Evers was unable to qualify for the Knockout Round for just the second time of the season.

That gave Sprague a chance to edge out Evers for the title if Sprague could advance to the Knockout Round in Group B. Although Sprague gave it his best shot, he was unable to crack the Top 20, sending Evers home with the championship.

But in one of the biggest moments of his career, Evers wasn’t even paying attention to the action happening in Wisconsin. The Oklahoma pro was in his truck on his way home and on the phone with his father for about five hours while Elimination Round 2 was unfolding. Evers said he didn’t want to watch because of how nervous he was. When the news finally made it to Evers, relief and excitement washed over him.

“I’ll always remember that day at 3 p.m.,” Evers said. “Once I found out that Jeff didn’t make it, I knew that I had won it. All of a sudden my phone just started going nuts with congratulatory texts. It was just a really cool feeling.”

Ready to Go Against the Best

EDWIN EVERS: The Makings of His Championship Run

In every championship season, there’s a defining moment. Be it a team sport or an individual sport, there’s always a snapshot moment where it becomes clear that a competitor might be destined for the season of a lifetime.

For 2019 MLF Bass Pro Tour Points Champion Edwin Evers, “The Moment” just happened to come very early in the season – early enough that nobody (not even Evers himself) understood the full significance of it when it happened.

Feb. 12, 2019 – We’re in the waning minutes of Stage Two on Lake Conroe, Texas. Evers is leading the event late in the third period, but he’s less than 4 pounds ahead of Jeff Sprague, who has doggedly chased him all day long. A fish swirls on and misses the jig that Evers has been flipping around the edges of a small slough. Evers puts down his jig rod and picks up a drop-shot that he has laying on his deck as a follow-up bait. Ten seconds later, BOOM: fish on. Evers identifies it as a difference-maker immediately: “That’s a BIG ‘un,” he says. “Gol-LEE. Stay on there, fish, stay on there, baby. That’s a game-winner right there. It’s over.”

It was indeed over: Evers’ final fish of the day proved to be a fat, beautiful 8-pound, 1-ounce prespawn female, which cemented the Oklahoma pro’s first-ever Bass Pro Tour championship trophy, exactly two weeks after he had left Kissimmee, Florida with a second-place finish in the new league’s inaugural event.

There’s “Competitive” and Then There’s E2
To those who talked with Evers immediately after the Stage One championship was decided – a championship that he lost to Jordan Lee by 11 pounds – it was clear that he was disappointed with a second-place finish. Evers shook hands and accepted congratulations from all who approached him, but in the moments when he was alone, as he went about the business of tidying up his boat and waiting for his time to go onstage for the Berkley Postgame Show, he quietly brooded.

Not as a sore loser, but as a professional athlete to whom first place is the only truly satisfying outcome to any competition. For all his fishing skills, it’s Evers’ drive to win that served as the foundation of his pursuit of the Points Championship, and that – according to his fellow competitors – makes him one of the all-time greats in the sport.

REDCREST Championship Field Set with Top 30 Anglers

The picture that was once muddled with different scenarios and points calculations is now clear and concise, we have our 30 pros that will be competing in the first-ever Bass Pro Tour REDCREST Championship. After eight grueling Stages on the Bass Pro Tour, these 30 anglers rose above the rest to qualify for a chance to win the final trophy of the year.

Edwin Evers – 510 points
Jeff Sprague – 500 points
Brent Ehrler – 491 points
Jacob Wheeler – 488 points
Michael Neal – 470 points
Todd Faircloth – 468 points
Jordan Lee – 460 points
Dustin Connell – 445 points
Bobby Lane – 437 points
Mark Rose – 431 points
Andy Morgan – 428 points
Mike Iaconelli – 417 points
Casey Ashley – 414 points
Aaron Martens – 413 points
Andy Montgomery – 413 points
Ott DeFoe – 406 points
Wesley Strader – 406 points
Jared Lintner – 406 points
Greg Hackney – 406 points
Fred Roumbanis – 405 points
Bradley Roy – 402 points
Stephen Browning – 399 points
Jacob Powroznik – 390 points
Zack Birge – 385 points
Takahiro Omori – 376 points
Greg Vinson – 374 points
Brandon Palaniuk – 371 points
Mark Daniels, Jr. – 369 points
Cody Meyer – 365 points
Randall Tharp – 361 points

Top 30 Anglers Named for 2020 Summit Cup

TULSA, Okla. – The 30 pros who will be competing in the final Cup event of the season, the 2020 Summit Cup, have been decided. These 30 anglers will be kept in the dark about where they will be fishing until competition day arrives and will be given no time to practice on the body of water. The anglers that will be competing are as follows:

Jacob Wheeler
Fred Roumbanis
Cliff Pace
Cody Meyer
Todd Faircloth
Casey Ashley
Brent Ehrler
Kevin VanDam
Anthony Gagliardi
Takahiro Omori
Scott Suggs
Dustin Connell
Justin Lucas
Randy Howell
Michael Neal
Gerald Spohrer
Wesley Strader
Bobby Lane
Adrian Avena
Mark Daniels, Jr.
Andy Montgomery
Brandon Coulter
Brandon Palaniuk
Andy Morgan
Jordan Lee
Jared Lintner
Russ Lane
Aaron Martens
Alton Jones, Jr.
Edwin Evers

POINTS CHAMPION: Evers Outdistances Sprague to Win Bass Pro Tour Points Championship

NEENAH, Wis. – It seems appropriate that a Points Championship race that came down to the wire after a five-month season should come down to the final 50 minutes that the two men involved will fish in the 2019 Bass Pro Tour regular season? For Edwin Evers, it was jubilantly appropriate. For Jeff Sprague, likely painfully appropriate. But after eight regular-season events and an incredibly tight race, it was appropriate nonetheless. Evers Claims the Crown Needing to finish in the Top 20 in Elimination Round 2 for a chance to pass Evers in the points race, Sprague ended Friday’s Elimination Round with 48 pounds, 10 ounces, 2-8 below the Elimination Line in 25th place . Even as competition continues Saturday on Lake Butte des Morte for the remaining 40 pros, both Evers and Sprague already know their finishes in the event: Evers 42nd, Sprague 49th. That leaves Evers with 510 points for the season, Sprague with 500, and a Points Championship trophy bound for Talala, Oklahoma to join Evers’ other many career milestones. “As an angler, it’s a lifelong dream to win a title like this,” Evers said. “Somebody said to me earlier ‘Well, if you don’t win, you did win an event,’ but I’d trade that event win in a heartbeat to win a Points Championship.” It was the culmination of one of the best seasons in recent history in professional bass fishing for Evers, who started the season with four consecutive Top 10 finishes (including a win), and entered Stage Eight with a three-point lead over Sprague.


If ever there was a single day of competitive, tour-level bass fishing that qualified as “heavy,” it was the first Shotgun Round of the MLF Bass Pro Tour Stage Three on Jordan Lake near Raleigh, North Carolina. Heading into the March 26-31 competition – which Jacob Powroznik won thanks to a 63-pound, 4-ounce day on Shearon Harris Reservoir – MLF NOW! analyst Marty Stone had touted the quality of the largemouth fisheries around Raleigh, predicting that the 80 MLF pros would achieve numbers previously unheard of in tour-level bass events. And was Stone ever right. On the first day of competition, the 40 anglers competing in the Group A Shotgun Round rang up an astounding 975 pounds, 15 ounces of scorable northern-strain largemouth. Perhaps more impressively: that near half-ton of bass was caught on a fishery that the majority of the field had never even seen before their abbreviated practice sessions two days prior. “That was one of the best fishing days I’ve ever had,” said Mark Daniels, Jr., who put 12 fish on SCORETRACKER that day, to the tune of a whopping 52-1. “It got to a point where I was getting a little nervous every time I got a bite because I didn’t know how big it was.”

Evers Wraps Up Dominating Win of Bass Pro Tour Stage Two on Lake Conroe

In the immediate aftermath of the first MLF Bass Pro Tour event in Kissimmee, Florida two weeks ago, Edwin Evers’ dissatisfaction with finishing second was palpable. Ever the professional, Evers complimented his fellow competitors and smiled for photos at the Berkley Postgame Show, but no talk of Cup points could bring the 11-time tour-level winner any comfort. Sunday afternoon on Lake Conroe, Evers made sure that the only postgame talk would be of how he earned his first-ever MLF Bass Pro Tour trophy. Evers racked up 51 pounds, 12 ounces to outdistance Jeff Sprague, (40-8), Boyd Duckett (35-15), Brent Ehrler (34-13) and David Walker (34-7) and claim the win at the Bass Pro Tour Huk Stage Two presented by Favorite Fishing. The Oklahoma pro caught 24 scorable fish on the day, including an exclamation point with 9 minutes left in competition: an 8-1 that hit a drop-shot Berkley Havoc Bottom Hopper. “You can’t imagine how good it feels to catch a fish like that,” Evers admitted. “I knew there were big fish in there, because I shook some big ones off the second day of the event. The big females just hadn’t gotten there yet, but they’re coming.” Evers’ winning area Evers’ pattern was to flip his way down the bank with a Black Blue Berkley PowerBait Pit Boss, picking out small indentations and grassy, undercut banks and flipping his bait as close to the bank as he could. He also caught some fish on a vibrating jig. The area that Evers fished – a canal that he found during the Elimination Round – was shallow at the entrance, but fell off into slightly deeper water the further back he went. “I feel like I know this lake as well as any lake I fish, but I’d never been in that canal before,” Evers admitted. “It looked right when I looked at it on the map, and I had it all to myself – I assume because it was probably pretty muddy in practice. The water was just a little warmer and a little bit cleaner on a couple of those key stretches.”


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