BassFest = WIN!

The atmosphere around BassFest was tense to say the least. Every angler there knew a Classic bid was on the line, the only regular season tournament of the year that a win would land you an automatic bid to the Classic. To come away from Kentucky Lake with a win was a huge blessing and relief of pressure that I cannot describe. We now will be going to the 2015 Bassmaster Classic right here in my home state on Grand Lake!

I've got a little bit of down time before the next tournament. I'm headed to Disney World for one of my sponsors and then off for vacation with my family for a few days. It's hard to have downtime at home, there's always something that needs to be done, so we planned a small getaway and are really looking forward to it.

ICast is coming soon in July. That is always a fun trip, all the new things coming out, I'm truly like a kid in a candy store!

Thank you for visiting. Keep up with me through my Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. We're always posting some cool pictures and some great giveaways. Look forward to seeing you all out on the road.

Good fishing!
Edwin Evers